Pirangi and Natal region


Pirangi and the largest cashewnut tree in the world

Pirangi is known for having the largest cashewnut tree in the world. Pirangi has 2.000 inhabitants and is situated directly on the Atlantic coast. You will find several quality restaurants, some bars and three common supermarkets in the town centre. The beach is quiet and, due to gradually descending water, also suitable voor small children. The temperature is approximately 30°C (Celsius) or 86°F (Fahrenheit) year round.


Culinary pleasure is guarenteed when enjoying a visit to 'Restaurante Paçoca de Pilão'. Sportsmen will experience the perfect weather conditions for spectacular kite surfing and beach strollers will enjoy the open view and the soothing sound of the current. Pirangi is seen as the most attractive little beach town in the Natal region.


PontaNegra pc

Natal, the most sunny city of Brazil

The inhabitants of Natal are like most Brazilians; open, friendly and relaxed. You will feel at home in the city and you don't have to be bored! For those who enjoy shopping there are several, modern shopping malls with various quality boutiques. And there are cosy, local market places with handwoven rugs, bright summerdresses, jewelery and antiques. Also you can book spectacular buggytours in the dunes of Genipabu or one of the other dune areas. Also a buggytour to the city of Pipa is a wonderful experience!


Be sure to pay a visit to the fort of Natal and the 'Centro Turismo'; a beautiful and historic former prison with a stunning ocean view. Also the 'Praia dos Artistas' market is strongly recommended. You will find lots of terrasses and restaurants on the lively boulevard of Ponta Negra. For more information about Natal we refer to www.natal-brazil.com and the tourist map of Natal.


pipa 01

Pipa, a former hippy town

70 km south of Natal lies Pipa. A town that, in spite of the attraction it has on tourists, still remains with a nice, laid-back atmosphere. In Pipa you will experience breathtaking views. Take a boattrip along the shore and with a little luck you may see dolphins swimming. For those who enjoy the nightlife, there are many great places to visit. For more information we refer you to www.pipa.com.br.


Rio de Janeiro, yet another side of Brazil

When you are thinking of paying a visit to Rio de Janeiro, we gladly recommend one of the accommodations of our good friend Luiz de Azevedo. Luiz speaks excellent English and has lived in Rio almost his entire life. This is how he knows all the 'do's and don'ts' in this one-of-a-kind city. He can advise you about which precautions to take, what special (less known) places to visit, which sights to see and so on. Luiz will turn your visit to Rio into an unique, personal experience! We are happy to refer you to www.innhouse.com.br for more information.


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